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Tea is a popular beverage that is enjoyed by people all over the world. It is made by steeping the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant in hot water, which releases the flavor and aroma of the tea leaves into the water. There are many different types of tea, which are classified based on how the tea leaves are processed. The main types of tea include black tea, green tea, oolong tea, white tea, and herbal tea.

Regular Milk Tea

The phrase farm-to-table has never been truer. Our search for an organic cup of ‘Kadak Chai’ took us to the foothills of the Himalayas. Yes, we were on the journey to find the best of the best. All Earthen Brews CTC teas (milk teas) and black teas are procured from Assam and Darjeeling. Black tea is a national favorite and can be found in every Indian household. For the perfect fix of morning tea we recommend that you choose one from the Earthen Brews collection, every cup of tea made from our strong yet flavorful loose leaf black tea is just the little kick of caffeine and aromatic taste that is perfect to light up your mood.
One way to know that your tea isn’t highly processed is through the subtlety in the flavor and the distinct aromas. Black tea is naturally packed with minerals, vitamins, and amino acids to ensure that you are contributing to your wellness with every cuppa.

Premium Assam Second Flush

Tea enthusiasts from around the world light up while crossing paths with Assam Chai. As one of the world’s largest tea-producing regions, teas from Assam have a unique flavor profile. The handpicked Assam second flush loose leaf tea is a robust tea that can energize you with a single sip. Bold in flavor, fragrance, and color, this premium Assam second flush tea is plucked and processed throughout summer.
Black tea is often referred to as a breakfast tea, and we stand by that, as the strong essence of the TEA NAME HERE can wake you up and keep you going through the day. The slight woody aftertaste and the burst of flavors are certainly perfect for an early morning cuppa.


If this is the first time that you’re reading about Roasted Green Tea, let us tell you that this is going to change your life, it surely changed ours. The Process of roasting green tea leaves starts right after they are freshly plucked and sorted. The roasting method above the flames of pinewood enhances the flavor profile and creates a mesmerizing Dark, Smokey, and slightly Sweet Green Tea.
You can feel a distinct mouthfeel and lingering sweet taste from a cup of Earthen Brews roasted green tea. TEA NAME HERE is rich in antioxidants and less acidic, aids digestion, and boosts metabolism. Power-packed with goodness, we recommend you enjoy a cup after a stressful day at work or just before going to bed. Its low caffeine content makes it an ideal relaxing and soothing night tea.


Whether you’re a health nut or not, green tea is the perfect addition to your daily diet. In our fast-paced lifestyle today, many of us forget to prioritize our health; you can now take your pick from our collection of organic and hand-rolled green tea and transport yourself to the serenity of the lush mountains with just a sip. Its natural medicinal properties can help you relax, calm your mind and boost immunity too. The Himalayas have bestowed upon us many wonderful gifts and green tea is certainly one of them. For soft and smooth tea leaves, the process of steaming is performed; this stops fermentation and locks in all the beautiful flavors of green tea. Follow the brewing instructions below to experience green tea in the most authentic way. The light green color, the hint of bitterness, and the savory yet sweet aftertaste will slowly make this antioxidant tea your favorite. Enjoying a cup of The Earthen Brews loose leaf green tea in-between meals can result in good digestion.

Jasmine Pearl Green Tea

As a tea lover, it’s natural to pick sides and have a favorite, especially when it comes to Green tea. Let us introduce you to a fruitier variant of the green tea family, the Jasmine pearl green tea. This is a nutrient-rich tea and every single leaf is carefully hand-rolled to preserve its taste.
The experience begins the minute you open the pack of Jasmine Pearl Green tea, the beautifully hand-rolled tea is a feast to the eyes, and the aroma that hits you instantly leaves a tantalizing hint of taste on the tip of your tongue. The brewing process is a sight to behold, with the delicate tea leaves opening up and releasing their sweetness and nutrients in the water. We warn you, once you try the Jasmine pearls, there is no going back.

Assam Golden Tips

Another premium one from our collection at Earthen Brews is the perfect example of how a milk tea should be. It is malty in look, mouthfeel, and aroma and found in only a handful of tea estates. The Assam Golden tips tea leaf goes through an oxidation process followed by oven roasting, and the care processes enhance the flavor and entrap it within.
While we recommend trying this as a milk tea, it is quite fantastic on its own, and the fruity nodes felt in the first few sips are an absolute delight. The brewing time and technique can determine how strong or subtle the taste would be; pair it with a wholesome breakfast or take it on the go, the Assam golden tip loose tea won’t disappoint your taste buds.


Orthodox Assam

While it is easy to compare an Orthodox Assam to other black teas, it stands out and shines on its own. Similar in look, fragrance, and feel to other CTC teas, the Orthodox Assam tea is known for its subtle taste. It has a smooth feel and is slightly less bitter than other black teas. Upon taking a sip one can gather how delicate and intricately these leaves were hand-plucked, and as the brew releases an aroma that creates a calm in your senses, sit back and relax with a cup of the very special Orthodox Assam tea from The Earthen Brews.
Orthodox Assam is derived from the young leaves of the tea plant; the young tea buds and leaves are commercially acclaimed and higher in quality and price both. The picturesque Assam tea gardens are a paradise for tea lovers, something one can experience with a sip of classic Orthodox Assam tea.

White Bai Mudan Tea

Bai Mudan is the Chinese name for White Peony; it is a type of White tea adored by many tea connoisseurs. The sun-drying process of the leaf shoots and young leaf provides the natural oxidation of White tea. Bai Mudan is rich in antioxidants and a healthy choice of tea.
The appearance of the white tea leaves is enticing, and the varied colored dry leaves, the subtle woody aroma, the crispy texture all make up for a high-quality White tea. Once brewed, the light green, almost white-colored tea will fill your senses with a fragrance similar to experiencing a field of beautiful flowers. The subtleness in flavor makes Bai Mudan a good tea for white tea beginners as well as its soft and floral taste is a treat to the taste buds.

Silver Niddle

Silver Needle is a Darjeeling special, a rare kind of white tea found amidst the beautiful tea gardens in Assam. A truly unique tea, it is the only white tea made just with the buds, and hence it has a different look, touch, and taste. The slightly fuzzy thick buds of the tea plant are white/silver in color and needle-like in look, which is what gives this marvelous tea its name. The buds are the smallest and most delicate part of the tree, and they are carefully plucked only during the springtime.
Popular as one of the highest quality teas, the Silver Needle rightfully deserves its spot in the Premium collection of teas. Unbroken organic Silver Needle teas are sweet, light, and smooth to taste. We recommend brewing your Silver needle in just near-boiling water.


True teas come from the Camellia sinensis plant, which is found in tropical and subtropical locations. On the other hand, tisanes come from a water-based infusion of herbs, spices, flowers, leaves, etc. Essentially, an herbal infusion, or tisane is any plant-derived drink other than true tea.

Hibiscus Licorice Star Anise

An immunity-boosting tea, the blend has been carefully created with complimenting flavors. The floral notes of the Hibiscus, the subtleness of licorice, and the sweet spice of the star anise balance each other out in this healthy and delicious tisane. If you have just made the switch to Tisanes, this one is a good choice to begin your journey with. This one’s an overall winner especially if you like slightly sweet teas.
The Earthen Brews Hibiscus, licorice, and star anise Tisane have a sweet undertone and is a must-have in your tea box. You can experience the balance of fruity, sour, and earthy in a single sip. These herbal tisanes contribute towards your wellbeing with anti-inflammatory properties, and by aiding in good digestion as well as boosting your immunity.


Lemongrass Ginger Turmeric

This powerhouse tisane is a natural remedy for many ailments. The soothing lemongrass leaves a refreshing taste behind and is known to boost metabolism, the ginger root is a god-sent filled with a plethora of goodness, and the turmeric which is an all-rounder in itself, adds the kick with a slightly peppery aftertaste. This tisane is rich in antioxidants and helps calm the mind and body. Use it as a Detox tea or a mood booster after a busy day, and it is sure to lift your spirits.
The amalgamation of Lemongrass, ginger, and turmeric brings forth natural benefits that heal you from within. We recommend trying this Earthen Brew blend on a day you need a boost of energy and calm your senses.

Chamomile lemongrass Mint

Another wonderful blend, the Chamomile Lemongrass mint is a wellness tea. The cooling properties of both the chamomile flower and mint fight many tummy ailments and help promote digestion. The rejuvenating effect brought on by adding lemongrass has brought this blend together. The fruity-floral and smooth flavors of this tisane make this an everyday beverage, and it is something one can sit back with and enjoy to the fullest.
Just a sprinkle of this blend into near-boiling water can give you a beautiful yellowish brew and a mesmerizing aroma for your senses. Let the tea sit for a few minutes while the nutrients and essence of chamomile are released into the water. Taste sweetness and crisp minty flavor with every sip of the Earthen Brews Lemongrass Chamomile Mint tisane.

Tea blending is the simple process of putting teas of different characteristics together to form a final product. The golden rule of tea blending is to achieve consistency in taste, while reflecting nuances of it’s different components. Classically, tea blending is associated with black tea production.

Mango Green Tea

As tea lovers, we often lookout for new blends and flavored brews, not only does this widen our horizons but also gives us novel opportunities to enjoy ‘tea’ in different ways. One such unique flavor is the Mango Green tea. The deep flavors of green tea combined with the sweet-sour juicy taste of mangoes have created a blend like no other. Green tea is an acquired taste for many and the Earthen Brews Mango green paves the way for you to enjoy the goodness of green tea wonderfully. The aroma of this brew is sure to entice your taste buds and appetite, this makes for a fun evening beverage and also a thoughtful gift.

Apple Cinnamon

Ohh!! All I can think of are apple cinnamon rolls, but that’s way too many carbs. We have the perfect solution to curb that thirst for flavor for you without the calories. While the Apple Cinnamon blends will surely give you festive vibes, it is rich in vitamins and packed with the natural healing agent ‘cinnamon’. The Apple Cinnamon blend makes for a healthy dessert with its fruity and earthy taste, and if you are looking to manage weight or curb sugar intake, this is the perfect blend for you. Sip on this tea while reading a book on a rainy day or simply enjoy your love for blends.

Vanilla Rose Oolong

The chilli weather calls for a cup of warmth and oolong is an absolute favourite in times like these.The fruity notes of Oolong tea makes for a mesmerising brew, add in hints of slightly sweet Vanilla and fragrant Rose and you have a blend so unique it would warm your heart. Coming from the hills of Darjeeling, oolong is strong in flavour and subtle in aftertaste. We suggest adding thi blend to your tea box of festive teas, as it provides all those seasonal feels with just a sip.